‘Wolfwalkers’ is a new animated feature film coming soon to Apple TV+

Apple continues to land pretty big deals for Apple TV+ –like Tom Hanks’s upcoming WWII thriller, Greyhound— and now we have a very interesting animated film to look forward to.

The initial report is from Cartoon Brew (via Cult of Mac), and it details the upcoming animated film called Wolfwalkers from Cartoon Saloon. This company has been working on this film for quite some time now, with a concept trailer for the animated feature first debuting way back in 2017. But now the film is nearly complete, and it is expected to launch on Apple TV+ before the end of this year.

The story revolves around a pair of young women, and it’s set in medieval Ireland as townsfolk are at odds with the natural world around them. The main character’s name is Robyn Goodfellow and she is a daughter of a wolf hunter. She travels to Ireland with her father, but, it doesn’t take long before Robyn gets mixed up with a “wild girl”, which ultimately results in Robyn turning into a wolf herself — the very creature that her father has been tasked to hunt.

According to CB, Cartoon Saloon’s Tomm Moore (one of the directors of the animated film) spoke about the feature at the French animation film festival Annecy earlier this week. Moore says that the animation style is meant to showcase both sides in different styles. The people who live in the forest are represented by curves, while the townspeople are all straight lines:

If the characters are angry, they might actually have angry lines. If they’re happy and free, they’ll have very wild, free lines. If they’re very uptight, they might have very tight lines.

Check out the aforementioned concept trailer just below:

Something of note in the trailer is “wolfvision”, how those who change into wolves see the world around them at night.

There isn’t a specific release date for Wolfwalkers quite yet, but it sounds like we should expect to hear more about this soon enough. Especially considering this will be the first animated feature film for Apple TV+.

Based on this concept trailer, what do you think?