Apple will celebrate World Environment Day on June 5 with Apple Watch activity challenge

If you’re on the hunt for a new activity challenge for the Apple Watch, you only have one more day to wait as the latest launches on June 5.

MacRumors is reporting on Thursday that the newest activity challenge will go live on Friday, June 5, in an effort to help celebrate this year’s World Environment Day. This one is all about closing the Stand ring, which means standing and moving around for a minute during the course of 12 hours throughout the day.

Recognize World Environment Day this Friday. Close your Stand ring on June 5 and earn this award by getting up and moving around for at least one minute during 12 hours that day.

As is par for the course, the Apple Watch owners that complete the challenge will earn themselves a unique badge that will be displayed in the Awards section of the Activity app, which can be viewed on the iPhone or the Apple Watch.

Who plans on going for this particular award tomorrow?