Facebook makes it easier to delete older posts with Manage Activity tool

Deleting older content on Facebook is a slog. But the company is making it easier to triage your old content and delete in bulk.

The new tool is called Manage Activity (via TechCrunch), which is designed to clean up your timeline in a much faster and easier way. First and foremost, the new tool will make it possible to delete not only videos and photos, but also standard posts all in bulk. You’ll be able to choose multiple at once, then delete them in one go. Facebook users can even filter the content they are looking for, so if you’re just aiming to delete some photos, the Manage Activity tool will make that easy to do.

Manage Activity will even let you filter posts by the people you tagged in them. The tool has a 30-day window to undo whatever you’ve done, so if you change your mind about a particular post, photo, or video, and it’s within that timeframe, you’ll be able to restore it to your timeline.

If you’d prefer to not delete the older content but still want to hang onto it, users can also choose to archive that material. That means it will be removed from your timeline, but you’ll still be able to find that content when you want.

The new Manage Activity tool is rolling out in the stock Facebook app beginning today. It will have a limited availability to start, but the company says a wider rollout is forthcoming. The social network says it will be adding additional features down the road as well.