“Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition” is releasing August 27

Publisher Square Enix has officially confirmed on Twitter a new worldwide release date after this upcoming Final Fantasy-themed missed its original January 23 launch window.

According to Square Enix, “Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition” is releasing August 27 on iOS, Android, Sony PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. The Remastered Edition brings enhanced visuals, more voiceovers, cross-platform play, touch-optimized controls and other perks.

This action role-playing game follows a young group adventurers as they embark on an epic journey to search for myrrh, which is a rare liquid needed to cleanse and maintain a crystal which protects their world from the deadly gas, miasma.

From the game’s description:

Call upon magic and might and team up with faraway friends to take down fearsome foes. Enlist comrades to your crystal caravan in online multiplayer mode with up to four players. Adventure and exploration await your caravan. Featuring new areas inside dungeons, even those who played the original version will have rewarding surprises in store.

TouchArcade on the game’s expected price:

As of now a price point for the English version hasn’t been announced yet, but expect it to be close to the Japanese price. The console price is 4,800 Yen, which is roughly $45 while the iOS and Android price is 2,820 Yen, which is roughly $26. A small part of the game will be playable for free on both iOS and Android.

Sounds to me it’ll be free to download, with a one-time purchase required to unlock the full experience.

For more information, visit the game’s official website.