iOS 14 concept envisions a bold use of widgets on the Home screen

There has been a rumor swirling around, somewhat infrequently, that Apple might be thinking about bringing widgets to the Home screen in a future version of iOS. It could arrive as soon as iOS 14, which is expected to be unveiled in late June during Apple’s all-digital Worldwide Developers Conference.

Before that rolls around, though, at least one designer has envisioned what widgets might look like on the Home screen in iOS 14. And, like some other concepts we’ve seen in the past, the implementation is pretty awesome. iOS users have grown accustomed to the grid of app icons since the debut of iOS, while Android users have had widgets for their home screens for years. But the hope is if Apple does get around to using widgets, the use case would be pretty fantastic for daily use.

Enter Aleksey Bondarev, who shared his concept of widgets on the Home screen via Dribble today. The implementation of the widgets is great, with various sizes and shapes. Some widgets can be displayed horizontally, while others can be showcased on the Home screen vertically. The Compass app for instance would use a pretty big widget when switched on, giving you a quick and easy way to see which direction you’re facing right on the Home screen.

My personal favorite? The Apple Music widget, which would make having to use the widget in Control Center not so essential. The Weather app’s widget is a nice touch, too. Yo can see the Music widget at the top of this article.

Per Bondarev:

Some applications are so simple and can display all the basic information before opening. I find this an interesting addition to the main screen, but I also think it will be a little difficult for developers.
What widgets would you like to use?

Check out the widgets in action:


It’s going to be interesting to see just how much iOS 14 changes and adds to the mix this year. Will we see Apple actually add widgets to its mobile operating system? Let us know what you think in the comments!