Concept imagines real, customizable Home screen widgets on iOS 14

iOS has had widgets for quite some time now. Widgets are snippets of code that provide timely information from your favorite apps at a glance, like News and Stocks, but they’re limited to the Today view overlay accessibly by swiping right over the Home screen, Lock screen or while looking at notifications. With iPadOS, widgets can now also live on the Home screen. A new concept attempts to imagine what the rumored Home screen widgets in iOS 14 might look like.

Home screen widgets on iOS 14 were first reported on by 9to5Mac:

We can say that Apple is working to provide real widgets on the iPhone and iPad home screen for the first time. Instead of pinned widgets like on iPadOS 13, the new widgets on iOS 14 can be moved around, just like any app icon. The feature is still being implemented and may be scrapped by Apple.

Created by Parker Ortolani, the conceptual renderings seen in this article imagine what these Home screen widgets might look like for iPhone users in iOS 14 and how they could work.

Similar to live tiles in Microsoft’s Windows Phone software, Parker’s conceptual renderings imagine widgets as live icons that could live among regular app icons on the Home screen, providing at-a-glance overview of key information without having to launch the widget.

For example, the Weather app icon could display weather conditions and temperature while the Activity app could feature a live icon displaying your daily progress with the Activity rings.

In the video example Parker shared on Twitter, which I’ve embedded right above, you can see how the user could switch back and forth from a normal app icon to its live counterpart.

How do you like this concept? And while we’re at it, how do you feel about the possibility of real customizable widgets on the Home screen of your iPhone?

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