Unc0ver jailbreak adding support for latest version of tvOS soon

In case you missed it, the unc0ver jailbreak added support for iOS/iPadOS 13.5 over Memorial Day weekend via a new 0-day exploit from Pwn20wnd, which conveniently also happens to be the latest available firmware version for iPhones and iPads from Apple. So yes, you can literally update your iOS/iPadOS devices to the latest version and jailbreak it, folks!

But if you paid any attention to team unc0ver’s announcements when the first update (v5.0.1) dropped, you might’ve noticed that the team is planning near-future support for the latest version of tvOS, and it seems some rather interesting things could be coming to the platform.

Tweets shared by designer @xerusdesign, later retweeted by unc0ver lead developer Pwn20wnd, show off what appears to be the Felicity theme running on the tvOS Home Screen. The sleek new icons are an aesthetic step above what Apple provides out of the box, and given that you typically run fewer apps on tvOS than you would on iOS or iPadOS, the upkeep for such themes to ensure they support as many apps as possible becomes much easier.

As for when unc0ver will pick up support for the latest version of tvOS, this bit remains unclear. The most notable teaser we got is when unc0ver co-developer Sam Bingner said that a pre-release with preliminary tvOS support would be released “soon,” and that was on Sunday when unc0ver v5.0.1 was released.

Given the sudden Tweetstorm of tvOS-centric teasers, it seems possible that we could be closer to the brink of a public pre-release than before, which like older unc0ver releases in the past, would be branded as a public beta for larger scale testing.

Jailbreaking the Apple TV isn’t quite as popular as jailbreaking the iPhone and iPad, but this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. The Apple TV is more of a niche product for home entertainment systems, and it has more limitations by way of software than that of a palm-sized computer like the iPhone or iPad. The biggest reasons to jailbreak an Apple TV are to permit third-party streaming services, web browsers, or USB flash drive reading capabilities.

Will you be jailbreaking your Apple TV when unc0ver picks up support for the latest tvOS? Let us know in the comments section below.