Spotify is finally removing the 10,000 song limit from the library

If you’re a Spotify user, you may have voiced an opinion regarding the music streaming service’s 10,000 song limit for your personal library. Well now the company is making a big change to how things work in that regard.

Beginning today (via 9to5Google), Spotify is removing the 10,000 song limit from users’ Spotify libraries. This will impact your liked songs and liked albums, making it possible for you to save as many of them as you want without reaching a limit of any kind. This has been one of Spotify’s most requested changes since 2014, but, up until now, the streaming service has appeared adamant that the 10,000 limit was just fine.

10,000 songs is a lot of music, and it’s possible that –even if you wanted the library’s limit changed– you never actually reached that ceiling. If you haven’t, here’s the message Spotify pops up when you do:

Epic collection my friend. There’s no more room in Your Library. To save more, you’ll need to remove some songs or albums.

That was the tricky part for the folks who did reach that 10,000 limit. If you wanted to add another album or song, you’d have to do a bit of triage and find songs or albums you haven’t been listening to all that much and remove them. It might not be a tricky situation that every Spotify customer ran into, but for those who did it was particularly annoying.

This “new experience” for the Spotify library is beginning to roll out for users today. However, it will probably take some time before it becomes available for all users out there in the wild, so you may need to wait a bit longer before you see the change yourself.

In related news, we recently reported that the popular podcast The Joe Rogan Experience has been picked up by Spotify, making it one of the biggest podcast acquisitions to date for the streaming service. The show, hosted by Joe Rogan, will become a Spotify exclusive later this year.

As for Apple Music, it still has a limit to the number of songs/albums that customers can save, but that limit is significantly higher: 100,000.

If you’re a Spotify user, are you happy about this particular change?