DigiTimes: AirPods with health monitoring features allegedly due in the coming 1-2 years

AirPods Pro

A pair of future AirPods incorporating health features via ambient light sensors could be on the way in the 2021 or 2022, according to a new report.

Taiwanese publication DigiTimes said this morning that ASE Technology could build these specialized sensors. Apple is using ambient light sensors in its other products for power management and display features such as True Tone.

According to DigiTimes, Apple could use light sensors in a new model of AirPods that’s supposedly arriving “in the coming 1-2 years”. Citing unnamed industry sources, another DigiTimes report mentioned that these upcoming AirPods would use semiconductor embedded in substrate SiP packaging technology.

ASE Technology has also been commissioned by Apple to handle high-end mmWave AiP (antenna in package) process for 5G iPhones and tablets, the report added.

ASE has combined system-in-package embedded AI design for true wireless stereo gears, allowing the devices to monitor heart rates, step counts and health conditions and even to conduct intelligent translation and detect head motions, the sources added.

While DigiTimes is typically very reliable when it comes to predicting Apple’s future moves by deciphering whispers from its supply chain, its track record in terms of timeframes leaves a lot to be desired. As an example, the trade publication this January claimed that a pair of health-tracking AirPods would be coming in the first half of this year, that hasn’t transpired.

Apple’s patent for earbuds with built-in health sensors

Interestingly, Apple was granted a patent for wireless earbuds with health sensors that could track the user’s heart rate and measure their body temperature.

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