The best Photos extensions for Mac for photo books, calendars and more

Extensions for Photos on Mac - MILK

If you have tons of pictures in the Photos app on your Mac that include photos you sync from iPhone or iPad, then take advantage of making something with those great memories.

These awesome apps connect to the Photos app on Mac so you can create photo books, calendars, wall hangings, and more. If you’re ready to create something cool, check out these best Photos extensions for Mac.

Extensions for Photos on Mac

Using the apps

If you’re not quite sure how these “extensions” work, here’s a quick rundown.

Once you install one of these apps, you can use them directly from Photos on your Mac.

Open Photos, click File > Create, and then next to each of the options for Books, Calendar, Card, Wall Décor, and Prints, you will see the installed app(s) that you can use to make those items.

Photos File Create Pick Product

Depending on the type of product you pick and the extension you’re using, the actual creation process will vary.

Tip: Try starting those multiple-photo project using an album you have already created in the Photos app. You can then easily add and remove individual photos.

Each project you create using any of these apps, will display in the Photos sidebar under Projects. So you can make as many changes as you like before you buy.

Also keep in mind that although these apps are free, the products you create with them are not. But you will see the prices for their products clearly, so you’ll know ahead of time what the initial cost will be.

Mimeo Photos

Mimeo in Photos on Mac

Mimeo Photos is the most versatile app on our list. You can create everything except wall décor.

Choose from six styles of photo books and four kinds of card sets, as well as a flexible photo calendar or prints of your pictures.

Each product is fully customizable. Plus, you can use designer themes, various layouts, complimenting backgrounds and borders, and editing tools. This lets you create the perfect product for your photos.

Mimeo Photos also provides a super easy-to-use interface. For each product, the options are clearly displayed. And you’ll see tips and prompts to help you even further. All of this is right within the Photos app on Mac, which makes it ideal.

Pricing obviously ranges depending on the type of product, style, number of photos, and other options. You can get a soft cover, 6” by 8” photo book with 20 pages for as little as $9.99. A 12-month calendar is only $19.99 and prints are as low as $0.19 for a 4” by 4” photo.

If you want to preview your photos with different products or plan to create several multiple types, then Mimeo Photos is definitely the app you want.

  • Availability: Mac and the web
  • Cost: Free

Motif: Photobook & Album Maker

Motif in Photos on Mac

Motif is another great app for creating photo books, cards, or calendars with your photos. Pick from seven photo book options in both soft and hard cover, four types of cards, and a 13” by 10” calendar.

Once you pick your product, you can choose themes, layouts, and other customizations for just the right look. You can use the editing tools for moving, zooming, and rotating your photos. Plus, you can choose the exact size, style, and color of font for products like calendars.

Like Mimeo Photos, Motif has a simple interface to make creating your books, cards, or calendars a breeze. And if you need help or would like tips, you can check out the Getting Started Video or Guided Tour.

Photo books start at $9.99 for an 8” by 6” book, calendars start at $19.99, and cards start at $0.99. So Motif’s prices are comparable to similar services.

For another Photos extension option that gives you multiple types of products at reasonable prices, check out Motif.

  • Availability: Mac and the web
  • Cost: Free

Mpix Photo Prints

Mpix in Photos on Mac

With Mpix Photo Prints you have tons of product types to pick from including photo books, calendars, cards, and wall décor. The neat thing about the Mpix product line is that you have some unique options.

You can create collages, posters, or wood prints for the wall, panoramic or accordion photo books, and magnets, luggage tags, ornaments, mugs, and more. To see all of these options, select Mpix from the File > Create menu and when the pop-up opens, scroll and down and pick Browse Mpix.

Obviously, with all the product options, it’s hard to show all of the prices. But to give you an idea, prints start at $0.29, you can get an accordion-style photo book for $19.99, and wall calendars start at $20.

For another extension that lets you create tons of products, especially those out-of-the-ordinary items, take Mpix Photo Prints for a spin.

  • Availability: Mac and the web
  • Cost: Free

MILK Handcrafted Photo Books

MILK in Photos on Mac

MILK is all about the beautiful photo books you can make. You can create a premium photo album or book for your wedding photos, baby’s pictures, pet’s adventures, or your exciting travels.

After you select the type of book or album you want to make, you can then choose a style from square or landscape. Then using the intuitive interface, choose your page layouts, add or remove photos, and edit your pictures to fit as you like.

The Classic Photo Books start at just $31 for 24 up to 200 pages and premium products go up to $299.99 for books with thick board pages.

If it’s a photo book or album that you have your heart set on, take a look at the options from MILK Handcrafted Photo Books.

  • Availability: Mac and the web
  • Cost: Free

WhiteWall – for your photos

WhiteWall in Photos on Mac

If it’s wall art you want, then WhiteWall for your photos is a terrific choice. You can choose a mounting, modern frame, traditional frame, or prints. After you pick a product, select a style, and then create your masterpiece.

Once you select the photo you want to use and the wall décor type, you can adjust the size, frame color and style, and see a preview of the finished product, hanging on a wall, with each adjustment.

Prices completely range for WhiteWall’s products depending on your choices but start at just $26.95. So if you’re looking to decorate your room with memories, WhiteWall is worth a look.

  • Availability: Mac and the web
  • Cost: Free

Wrapping it up

Whether a birthday or anniversary gift, graduation present, or just something for yourself, there’s only one thing better than having those photo memories and that’s doing something cool with them.

These extensions for Photos on Mac are easy to use, have great product options, and offer affordable prices.

Are you going to check one of these out? Or maybe you’ve already used one that you’d like to recommend? Leave us a comment below!