WWII film ‘Greyhound’ starring Tom Hanks will premiere on Apple TV+

Apple is absolutely not afraid to spend money on securing content for Apple TV+, and it looks like the company may have potentially struck gold once again as it has landed a WWII film starring Tom Hanks.

Greyhound was initially set to launch in early May of this year, but then the coronavirus pandemic happened and theaters all across the globe shut down. As a result, Sony pushed its plans to launch the film on Father’s Day weekend, but it looks like Sony realized that wasn’t going to happen, either. The next step? Quietly shop the project to other potential buyers and see where the ship ended up.

Turns out, in a highly competitive market, Apple is the winner here, and, according to Deadline, the company paid upwards of $70 million to secure the film’s premiere for Apple TV+. Other big streamers were part of the conversation, probably the likes of Amazon and Netflix, but Apple won out.

Tom Hanks (Cast Away) wrote Greyhound, and also stars in the film. It will be the biggest theatrical premiere for Apple TV+ to date. It’s a clear indication that Apple is becoming much more aggressive with these types of deals, and willing to go toe-to-toe with the likes of Netflix and Amazon when it feels it’s called for.

Meanwhile, Greyhound tells the story of Captain George Krause, who finally gets command of a Navy destroyer. The film takes place in the early days of the alliance between England and the United States in World War II. It will depict plenty of sea action as German forces try to stop the Greyhound and its crew from reaching a specific destination.

Here, check out the trailer below:

This is easily one of the biggest deals Apple has made to date for Apple TV+ content, and it will be interesting to hear just how well Greyhound fares on the streaming platform when it does arrive. Unfortunately, the original report doesn’t include a specific premiere date for Apple TV+.

However, considering it was already set to premiere in May, and in June, it stands to reason that we should see Greyhound premiere on Apple’s streaming service soon.

Are you going to check it out when it does launch? Let us know in the comments!