Darkroom for iPhone and iPad gains video editing tools

Darkroom has become a solid choice for on-the-go photo editing on the iPhone and iPad, and now the popular app is adding video editing to its resume.

Darkroom updated its app on Thursday, April 23, bringing the version number to 4.6. The official changelog says that the same “ultrafast editing experience” that’s present for photo editing is now available for video editing, and it works with a user’s entire video library. Videos will now be shown alongside photos within the Recents album, and videos will play automatically and “loop forever”. Pausing the video will allow users to pick a smart frame color or show the histogram.

The Screenshots album will show Screen Recordings, which Darkroom says will help keep the Recents album less cluttered. The app supports HEVC and H.264 export codecs “at various bitrates”, and the app features a revamped Metadata viewer so users can learn even more about their photo details.

Darkroom also made changes to exporting in general, and the developers say that this is just the first step in the journey that is video editing for the Darkroom app.

Darkroom is a free app available for the iPhone and iPad, and it offers in-app purchases.