New in Pixelmator for iOS: Files-based document browser and new image size presets

Popular Photoshop alternative Pixelmator for iPhone and iPad has picked up some cool new features such as a new document browser based on the Files app and new image size presets.

The new Files-based document browser allows you to open and manage your documents via the familiar interface, with the ability to open images from any source supported by the Files app, including external USB storage devices and file servers. In addition, there are some new size presets to make it easier to create new images with common sizes effortlessly.

The team says that these new features are “incredibly important to the future of Pixelmator for iOS” and I couldn’t agree more: the improved image-opening sequence based on the Files app enables other file-management capabilities such as search, tagging and more.

From the Pixelmator blog:

Ever since the Files app was introduced, it was obvious it would be absolutely perfect for Pixelmator and we’ve been waiting for the right moment to replace our gallery with it. As we start working to refresh and update Pixelmator for iOS, this always had to be the they key first step in that process.

It took them around six months to design, develop and test this update, which is available at no additional charge to all existing Pixelmator users.

Pixelmator for iOS is available to download from the App Store for $4.99.