Adobe unveils half-price Photoshop and Fresco bundle for iPad

Photoshop maker Adobe today announced that customers can now take advantage of a new iPad software bundle that combines the image editor Photoshop and the drawing and painting app Fresco in exchange for a new price of just ten bucks per month.

Each of these apps costs ten bucks per month if purchased separately, meaning people who use both Photoshop and Fresco on their iPad can now save money.

As always, there are some caveats.

The bundle offer is limited to people who have used the iTunes billing mechanism to subscribe to Photoshop for iPad or upgrade to the premium Fresco experience. Other types of customers who are eligible for bundle pricing include Creative Cloud users subscribed to any Photoshop plan via Adobe’s website and those with an existing Creative Cloud membership.

The apps use cloud sync to save your work to the cloud so projects are available across devices and platforms, and you can revert to an earlier version of any saved file.

However, both apps require multiple steps to transfer your work from one app to the other offline. First, you must export your PSD document from Photoshop or Fresco. Then, you must save the file on your iPad. Finally, you import that PSD back into the other app.

Thankfully, good boys and girls at Adobe have informed customers to “stay tuned” for workflow improvements in future releases.

Pixelmator Photo for iPad supports trackpad navigation

If you don’t like Adobe’s software, there are many capable alternatives out there. For instance, Pixelmator Photo and Pixelmator Pro are some of the best image editors today. Not only do these apps look and work great, but also adopt all the latest platform features.

Moreover, Serif’s vector-based drawing app Affinity Designer and the image editor Affinity Photo provide a powerful combo for those who may balk at Adobe’s pricing scheme. And to sweeten the deal even further for all the people stuck at home, Serif is offering a 50 percent discount on these apps and it’s a one-time purchase rather than a subscription.