InvisibleShield and Gear4 unveil screen protection and cases for the new iPhone SE

Zagg-owned brands InvisibleShield and Gear4 today announced screen protection and case solutions for the new iPhone SE, which goes on sale a week from now.

InvisibleShield protection for iPhone SE

InvisibleShield produces smartphone display protection that doesn’t interfere with Multi-Touch technology while helping keep your scratch-prone iPhone screen in pristine condition. The company’s Glass+, Glass Elite+ and Glass Elite VisionGuard+ products are now available for the new 4.7inch iPhone SE. Just apply one of these thing films to the screen of your iPhone SE to prevent it from cracking, shattering, scratching and other damage.

The thin screen layer also keeps your iPhone SE display free of harmful bacteria like E. coli, staph and C. diff. Laugh all you want but the average smartphone user touches their phone a whopping 2,617 times per day and studies have shown that there are 10 times more bacteria on a smartphone screen than there are on the average toilet seat.

InvisibleShield solutions for iPhone SE

  • $50 InvisibleShield Glass Elite VisionGuard+ The premier protection solution for iPhone SE, Glass Elite VisionGuard+ not only provides protection against impact, fingerprints and surface germs, it also shields users from harmful high-energy visible (HEV) blue light. An integrated Eyesafe technology layer filters harmful HEV blue light to promote better eye health without distorting the device display.
  • $40 InvisibleShield Glass Elite+ The next step in the evolution of unbeatable glass screen protection, Glass Elite+’s integrated ion exchange technology increases the surface tension of the glass while the silky, smooth finish makes it feel as good as the device display.
  • $30 InvisibleShield Glass+ As an entry point solution into InvisibleShield’s glass lineup, Glass+ features a proprietary Ion Matrix technology which is strengthened at the molecular level, making it tough enough to withstand the rigors of day-to-day lives. Featuring a precise surface finishing process removes imperfections and helps the device screen look pristine at all times.

Gear 4 cases for iPhone SE

Gear4’s case lineup for the iPhone SE features the new Wembley Palette design, shown on the image below, and integrated D3O impact protection technology. For those wondering, D3O makes protective products used worldwide by soldiers, professional athletes, industrial workers and world-class brands like Gear4.

Gear4 solution for iPhone SE

  • $30 Wembley Palette. Enhanced corner protection to provide 8-foot drop protection where it’s needed most. Available in fun, playful color variants with a smoke finish on the exterior that allow customers to express their unique style: Lilac, Mint, Red, Cobalt Blue and Smoke.
  • $40 Piccadilly. The award-winning clear case with a black border and edge-to-edge protection to protect against drops of up to ten feet.
  • $40 Crystal Palace. An ultra-protective transparent phone case with 13-foot drop protection and an anti-yellowing clear design with dye-transfer resistance. Available in clear or iridescent.
  • $50 Oxford Eco. The ultimate phone accessory with a folio design featuring card slots, an integrated stand and 360-degree protection from up to 13-foot drops, plus an eco-material screen cover made using approximately two recycled plastic water bottles.
  • $50 Battersea. The slimmest and most protective case in the world, providing 16-foot drop protection and a slim, soft-touch design in black.

Both InvisibleShield’s and Gear’s new solutions for the 2020 iPhone SE use an anti-bacterial layer that prevents harmful germs from collecting on your devices.

These solutions for the iPhone SE are now live on