Concept: Apple Card info like balance and recent transactions in augmented reality

An amazing video mockup, shared on YouTube yesterday by product designer Volodymyr Kurbatov, explores displaying useful Apple Card information in augmented reality.

“There are plenty of demos that show some finance info on a card,” Kurbatov said. “I wanted to make it one step further and explore interactions in context,” he added.

In the video embedded further below, the user’s card balance is shown in augmented reality. Flipping the card over reveals additional financial information such as recent transactions, with the user being able to change what’s being displayed by touching the card, scroll content with their finger and even edit card information via a gesture — all in augmented reality.

Currently, users must tap their Apple Card in the Wallet app to see their balance, etc.

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And now, watch his video embedded right ahead.

As you can see for yourself, his concept envisions showing data like recent transactions and total balance in augmented reality. It looks pretty great and I think this could be another great use case for augmented reality. Note that there’s nothing from a technical standpoint that would prevent Apple from adding augmented reality functionality to the Apple Card experience.

Key takeaways from the concept, according to its creator:

  • Less UI is always better
  • Nice when augmented UI is on something physical
  • Though unhappy with some aspects of dummy UI, his goal was to explore interactions
  • He got so used to swiping on the phone that this fake Apple Card “felt way too light”

What are your thoughts on Volodymyr’s concept?

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