Facebook launches Tuned, a brand new app for couples

Facebook is absolutely not afraid to launch standalone apps, and here we are in the early goings of 2020 and the social network has done just that.

The new app is called “Tuned“, and it’s designed specifically for couples to share a “private space” with one another. Facebook’s New Product Experimentation (NPE) team is the group behind the app’s development, and they’ve built the new app to be a spot where couples can be “as mushy, quirky, and silly as you are together in person, even when you’re apart”.

Tuned is all about privacy, built around the idea of sharing that quiet space with your significant other. The feed is a scrapbook-style design, and you can even connect your Spotify account with the app to share your songs and playlists. The app will let each user set their mood, making it easy to see how one another is feeling at just a glance.

Users will be able to send photos, voice memos, snapshots, notes, and more to one another. The app also features custom stickers and reactions for boosted customization.

Tuned, from Facebook’s NPE team, is available now for iOS. It’s a free download if you want to check it out.

What do you think of Facebook’s latest standalone app?