Apple may announce low-cost iPhone 9 on April 15

Apple’s plans to launch a new low-cost iPhone may have shifted from an early April release date to a mid-April launch.

According to a tweet from Jon Prosser, which includes an image of a mockup for the upcoming and oft-rumored handset, Apple is planning on announcing the newest iPhone on Wednesday, April 15. After that, the company is apparently scheduling shipments to start going out one week later, on Wednesday, April 22. However, Prosser also notes that “we’re in the middle of a pandemic, and things could change”. So, for now, use a pencil to circle the date on the calendar if you’re keeping tabs on all of this.

We previously reported that Apple was going to host a media event at the end of March — today, actually. But with the global coronavirus pandemic still ongoing, mass gatherings aren’t permitted in most places so a media event was out of the question. At the time it was also reported that Apple planned on releasing the handset on April 3.

That didn’t pan out, though. But expectations are that Apple is still ready to launch its newest low-cost iPhone –tentatively known as the “iPhone SE 2” or the “iPhone 9“– in the very near future. And, indeed, we’ve heard the handset has entered the final verification stage not too long ago. So a launch before the end of April could very well happen.

And let’s not forget the leaked UAG-branded case for the “New iPhone 4.7, 2020”, which is expected to be the new low-cost handset. That case leak happened at a Best Buy, with a stock date listed for Sunday, April 5. So it certainly feels like the stars are starting to align for an April launch date for the new handset.