Hands-on with the new 2020 iPad Pro: the top 7 hardware features and improvements you’ll love

With the new iPad Pro now official and starting to land in customers’ hands, we thought we’d put together a nice little video walkthrough of some of the most important hardware improvements that set this iPad Pro generation apart from the previous 2018 models.

2020 iPad Pro: hands-on video

Our video editor Harris Craycraft came up with the following hands-on video walkthrough.

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Don’t have the time to watch the’ eight-minute video clip? Then save it for later!

What you’ll love about 2020 iPad Pro

Here’s a quick list of the 7 features the video focuses on:

  1. Double the storage: 2018’s iPad Pro started at 128 gigabytes of storage and the new iPad Pro starts at double that, for the same price, while other storage upgrades are now cheaper.
  2. A12Z Bionic: As early benchmark show, the new Apple-designed chip isn’t a huge upgrade over 2018 iPad Pro’s A12 Bionic one, but you do get fifty percent more RAM (four gigabytes) than before, across all models, rather than just the flagship 1TB configuration.
  3. Studio mics: As we first saw with the 16-inch MaBook Pro, the new iPad Pro features five microphones that Apple calls “studio-quality”, and they definitely sound better.
  4. Wide-angle camera: The two-lens rear camera setup boost your iPad photography game considerably, and nothing beats that huge viewfinder when taking photos or recording video.
  5. Wi-Fi 6: The new iPad Pro uses 802.11ax wireless network for gigabit Wi-Fi speeds, provided you have the right modem or wireless router which supports the new standard.
  6. Ultra Wideband: The new iPad Pro has the same U1 chip that uses ultra wideband technology for precise micro location and spatial awareness. Right now, it’s used to improve AirDrop performance, but its full potential will be unlocked by a future software update.
  7. LiDAR sensor: Based on laser technology, this sensor is used for very accurate depth mapping up to five meters aways versus the TrueDepth camera that typically works reliably from up to an arm’s length. The LiDAR sensor improves the current crop of AR apps and will form the basis for significantly improved augmented reality experiences in the future.

Some of the hardware features mentioned in our hands-on video will have immediate impact on your daily tablet computing while others are more of future-proofing.

Now, that’s what I call a generous camera viewfinder!

Your take on 2020 iPad Pro

What’s your favorite hardware perk of the 2020 iPad Pro?

Let us know by sharing your thoughts in the commenting section down below.