Tidal now offers kid-friendly playlists

If you happen to be a subscriber to the music streaming service Tidal, and have kids stuck at home, then there might be some new playlists worth checking out.

Announced today, Tidal is lifting the curtain on more than half a dozen playlists that are built for a kid-friendly environment. The announcement says that the new playlists can “help make homeschooling engaging and fun”. There are plenty to choose from, with hit songs from films, as well as singers that found stardom through Disney Channel shows. And yes, there’s even a station that plays only “Kidz Bop” versions of songs.

I’ll break it down in a bullet list with links just below.

  • Disney Pixar Hits: All your favorite Disney Pixar songs from Toy Story, Coco, Monsters, Inc., Finding Nemo, Up, Ratatouille and more in one playlist.
  • Rockabye Baby! Essentials: Since 2006, Rockabye Baby Records has been transforming popular music into instrumental lullabies for parents who want to get their offspring primed with the classics as soon as possible. Although geared toward newborns and infants, these innocent renditions of rock and pop favorites are decidedly enjoyable to listen to for all ages – from Bowie and the Beatles, to Radiohead and Nirvana, to Jay Z and Eminem. Here’s a long list of hits from Rockabye’s massive and growing catalog.
  • Disney Pop Stars: This playlist consists of great songs by singers that have played important roles in successful Disney Channel shows (Jonas, So Random, Lizzie McGuire) or Disney movies (Frozen, High School Musical, Teen Beach). We’ve also included some of the biggest stars of modern pop music that got their start participating in the classic Disney variety show The Mickey Mouse Club.
  • Reggae for Kids: A collection of well-loved reggae tracks perfect for skankers of all ages. No overt political statements, no ganja references, no trippy dub bass – just fun, optimistic tunes with catchy melodies and good messages.
  • Canciones de TV Para Niños: Unlike the calm and collected Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, the Spanish-language children’s shows (El Show de Xuxa) popularized in the ‘80s and ‘90s were chockfull of flashy costumes, hip-shaking dance numbers, and songs that were as catchy as they were educational.
  • For Kids of all Ages: Teach your children well; sing along, dance and discover the classics with this playlist of songs kids of all ages should know and learn.
  • Kidz Bop Essentials: Since 2001, Kidz Bop compilation albums have served to soundtrack the childhood of many a youngster. Primarily featuring the day’s most popular hits, the music on each and every compilation is performed by and for kids in what has proved a successful formula for years. Check out the some of the best work that franchise has offered thus far.

The new kid-friendly playlists are available to start streaming right now on Tidal. And if you aren’t already a subscriber but want to try it out, you can get four months for just $4 for a limited time. Click this link if you want to try it out.

With so many schools all across the globe shut down for extended periods of time due to the global coronavirus pandemic, launching a variety of playlists like this definitely makes sense. It will be interesting to see if Apple Music or Spotify follow suit.