Apple suppliers are ramping up production of redesigned scissor-switch Magic Keyboards

According to a new supply-chain report from Taiwan, Apple’s redesigned Magic Keyboard that swaps the company’s problematic butterfly mechanism for reliable scissor switches could be expanding next to its 13-inch MacBook Pro model.

DigiTimes, a somewhat reliable Taiwanese trade publication, said today that Apple’s suppliers have so far been positive about demand for the company’s scissor-switch Magic Keyboards. Moreover, suppliers are reportedly ramping up production of these keyboards and “have seen no cutbacks in the orders despite concerns over the coronavirus”.

Apple is expected to update the current 13-inch MacBook Pro model to 14 inches later this year, as well as replace the machine’s butterfly keyboard with a redesigned scissor-switch one.

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The report goes on to note that Apple should see a boost in notebook orders due to the coronavirus pandemic that in many countries resulted in remote work for many corporate employees and school kids studying at home, benefitting technology companies such as Apple.

“So far, Apple has not cut any of its orders with the upstream supply chain for 2020, but related upstream suppliers are still closely monitoring the coronavirus development,” the report noted.

Apple currently has four devices with a redesigned scissor-switch key mechanism: both the refreshed MacBook Air and the new 16-inch MacBook Pro are equipped natively with a Magic Keyboard, and it’s also available as an optional upgrade for both the 11 and 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

The iPad Pro version of the Magic Keyboard will arrive in May, priced at $299 for the 11-inch model and $349 for the 12.9-inch one.