HomeKit Secure Video on iOS 14 is gaining a new people identification feature

The HomeKit Secure Video feature is getting a substantial upgrade in iOS 14 thanks to a new face-classification function for identifying individuals and family members on camera footage.

9to5Mac has the story:

Apple is expanding HomeKit camera features in iOS 14 with a new face classification feature that will include a people-identification feature. HomeKit Secure Video will likely be upgraded to not only detect people in general, but also offer notifications around detecting specific people in your family.

Alerts based on specific people in your family is intriguing. It’d be cool if this could be used to automatically trigger a HomeKit scene based on a specific family member entering a room!

If so, that would be awesome!

HomeKit Secure Video was added in iOS 13.

The current implementation supports limited object recognition for easier searching through footage. HomeKit cameras that support Secure Video store footage in iCloud, with video clips not counting against your iCloud storage plan. Recording video, however, requires a 200GB iCloud storage plan to support one camera and a 2TB plan to support five cameras.

Apple should preview the upcoming iOS 14, macOC 10.16, watchOS 7 and tvOS 14 updates at its Worldwide Developers Conference that should take place this summer but it’s looking increasingly likely that a physical gathering in San Jose will be cancelled in favor of virtual meetings and presentations due to the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak.

Have you used HomeKit Secure Video at all and what are your thoughts on the upcoming people-identification feature for HomeKit on iOS 14?

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