YouTube Music is upgrading the player page with an all-new look with lyric support and more

YouTube Music is rolling out an all-new design for its player page, giving listeners a more enhanced experience.

Announced today, the rollout is happening in stages, so if you’re a YouTube Music subscriber and haven’t seen the change just yet, you should receive it soon. With the new player page, listeners will get better music playback controls, along with an overall improved design. The upgrade also brings with it support for static lyrics.

The use of static lyrics is in early stages and still being developed, so future changes are probably still in the works. However, for listeners who do get the feature now, there will be a smooth way to simply bring up the lyrics to the song you’re listening to. A feature that’s similar to Apple Music (excluding the songs where dynamic, time-synced lyric support is available on Apple’s streaming music platform).

The new player page also makes it easier to switch between the streaming song and the music video. Now the options are always present at the top of the screen, making it easier to switch between the two.

Repeat and shuffle are now located on the player page, too, making it easier to activate when needed. And what’s more, tapping on the album artwork will now offer up options to download, share, and add songs to playlists.

The new features are rolling out to Android users first, over the course of the next few weeks. iOS users should expect to see the new player page a little later.

If you use YouTube Music, are you excited about these new features?