Nomad announces new Base Station with more powerful Qi coils and additional USB ports

Premium accessory-maker Nomad announced a new version of its popular Base Station wireless charging stand today. The stand, which allows you to charge your iPhone, AirPods and Apple Watch, now has more powerful Qi coils for faster and more efficient charging, as well as additional USB ports. We have a full rundown of the new features below.

Features to know about:

  • It has 3x 10W Qi wireless charging coils
  • 1 USB-C PD 18W out port
  • 1 USB-A 7.5W out port
  • The new Base Station Apple Watch can charge up to 5 devices simultaneously
  • LED charging indicators that dim at night via ambient light sensor
  • Padded leather wireless charging surface
  • Integrated MFi-certified Apple Watch charger
  • Full aluminum chassis and frame

Buy for $150

In our review of the first model of the Base Station Apple Watch, Sebastien called it ‘the best multi-device charging pad available.’ Well it seems the best, just got better. You can order the new version on Nomad’s website right now for $150. Also be sure to check out Nomad’s ongoing Warehouse sale, where they are taking 30% off a variety of products.