How to add a stop along your route in Apple Maps

In this tutorial, we will show you how to add stops for other cities and places, coffee shops, gas stations, etc., when you’re navigating to a destination in Apple Maps on your iPhone or iPad.

Add a stop in Apple Maps on iPhone

Not every route you take is a direct one! You might need to stop and fuel up or want to grab some coffee for the trip. Other times, you may make a stop that’s before the destination. For instance, you’re driving to New York, but you’ll want to make a stop in Boston along the way.

Apple Maps not only shows you spots nearby but lets you add these types of stops to your route without losing your place. Here’s how to add a stop or a detour along your route in the Maps app.

Add a stop in Apple Maps while navigating

1) Open the Apple Maps app, pop in the location you’re traveling to, and hit Go to start your journey.

2) Tap the little upward arrow or swipe up from the bottom of the Maps app during your route and tap Add Stop.

Add Stop in Apple Maps while navigating

3) Choose the type of place you’d like to visit, from gas stations, coffee shops, banks & ATMs, eateries, or parking. If you want to make a city stop (like Boston while going to New York), enter its name in the search bar and select it.

4) When you see the location where you want to stop, tap Add or Add Stop. This will change your route to that location next, and Apple Maps will reroute the plan.

Adding a stop for gas while navigating in Apple Maps

If you decide not to stop at the new location, swipe up and tap the minus button next to that stop. Apple Maps will reroute again to ignore that stop and take you directly to your main destination.

Remove stop from route while navigating in Apple Maps

Remember that you can add not just one but multiple stops while going to your main destination.

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