You can now choose not to receive subscription renewal receipts from Apple

Over the years, subscribing to services and apps has become easier than ever. And Apple makes it pretty easy to see all of the services you’ve subscribed to from within the App Store.

And to help you stay on top of the subscriptions you do have (of which there can be many), Apple automatically sends out renewal receipts anytime one of those services charges you for another installment. But if you’ve grown weary of those receipts, well, Apple is now giving you the option to opt-out (via¬†9to5Mac).

The default methodology here is to get an email every time one of these subscription apps and/or services charge your card on file. So if you subscribe to Apple Music and you get charged on the first of every month, you’ll get an email receipt letting you know you were charged.

This can obviously be a bit of a pain for some folks out there who have a lot of subscriptions, especially if they renew on an even faster rate like weekly or bi-weekly. So being able to turn them off directly, without having to block any emails outright, is potentially a welcomed addition. And it’s easy to find, too.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Open the App Store on your iPhone (or iPad)
  • Choose your Apple ID account at the top-right
  • Choose Subscriptions
  • Toggle on or off the “Receive Renewal Receipts”

And there you go. You can turn opt-in or opt-out as you see fit.

It’s a small change, but a potentially important one for some folks out there. What about you? Think this is a nice addition?