PCMag says Apple’s Pro Display XDR is a ‘must-have’ for pro-level content creators

Apple’s first HDR display is designed for professionals, and it has a price tag to match. The good news is that reviews for the new standalone display are positive.

TakeĀ PCMag‘s review for instance, which is just about as glowing as a review can be. Which certainly makes sense when you look at the results. In just about every single category the Pro Display XDR can be tested in the accessory stands out, and even excels against the competition for professional-grade reference displays.

The only perceived negative? The Pro Display “works only with Apple devices”, so if you have a Windows PC this standalone display is unfortunately not an option.

But, let’s get to the positives, like Adobe RGB color gamut testing. Considering this is a display meant for the likes of photographers and videographers, color accuracy is vital. This is definitely one of the more important categories a display like this can be tested in. And, technically, Apple’s HDR display came in second. In first place? The Dell U3219Q 4K with a score of 98.1, whereas Apple’s Pro Display XDR earned a score of 96.7.

The first crown Apple took in the review came in DCI-P3 color gamut testing. Apple’s Pro Display XDR reached a score of 98.7, outpacing all of the other monitors tested. This is an important category as well, as it tests how well the standalone monitor can display TV and movie content in editing apps.

And another talking point: measured brightness. Apple’s Pro Display XDR once again excelled in this regard, too:

The full review is certainly worth a look, so go check it out. And obviously they call out the fact that the Pro Display XDR is not sold with a stand in the box. That’s a separate cost (of $999!) and it’s borderline ridiculous in its own right. However, the Pro Display XDR itself is so good that it makes the cost worth it. At least for folks who need this type of standalone display.

Have you seen the Pro Display XDR out in the wild? If so, what do you think?