The versatile back keyboard case turns your iPad Pro into a MacBook Air with plenty of ports

Having already tested a bunch of iPad keyboard cases, iDB’s video editor Harris Craycraft thinks he’s found one that perhaps has it all. With a newly launched protective case from Doqo, your iPad Pro gains not only a backlit physical keyboard but also a built-in trackpad and many missing ports, turning that tablet of yours into a touchscreen MacBook Air of sorts.

The case connects to your iPad Pro via the integrated USB-C cable so it’s always ready whenever you are without needing to wait for Bluetooth to establish a wireless connection every time you open the case, like with many iPad cases from other manufacturers.

I’m not going to spoil the video for you, but let me just point out that Harris really likes how this case turns his tablet into a legitimate touchscreen-based Mac notebook. Our video editor also takes issues with some engineering and design choices such as the removal process which, in Harris’s own words, makes him “nervous” due to the iPad Pro’s bending potential.

As mentioned before, this case brings both a built-in keyboard with decent key travel, the function key row, backlighting for typing in the dark and a nice physical feel to it, plus an integrated trackpad which you can use via iPadOS’s support for wireless mice/trackpads.

On the side of the case you’ll find several ports, including a passthrough USB-C port, another USB-C port with Power Delivery for charging the tablet or other device’s via the iPad’s battery, an HDMI port, a pair of USB-A ports and a full-size SD card slot along with a smaller one.

Unfortunately, there’s no headphone jack.

Pretty great for a tablet case!

Stop talking, let me see the video!

Your wish is our command…

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How does it differ from other keyboards?

Here are some features make Doqo different from other wireless keyboards:

  • MacBook-sized trackpad and keyboard: The world’s first iPad keyboard with a full-sized trackpad (the same size as the trackpad found on the latest Mac notebooks) brings you MacBook-like gesture experiences that work great on iPadOS.
  • All the ports you need: A seven-in-one hub lets you connect your iPad Pro to the external monitor, TV, mouse, smartphone, hard drive, flash drive, camera and more.
  • Laptop-like typing experiences: A full-size layout with responsive scissor-switch keys, comfortable key travel and large keycaps make typing more enjoyable.
  • Responsive backlit + function keys: The function keys make adjusting the iPad Pro’s volume, brightness and other settings easy with a quick press. Adjustable laser-engraved backlit keys allow you to see perfectly during the night.

How about some alternatives?

There are plenty of alternatives out there for those who may have issues with Doqo, starting off with Apple’s slim but pricey keyboard folio that Harris also reviewed. If that’s not your cup of tea, how about iEGrow’s cases which offer plenty of features for a pretty fair price?

Our pick is the versatile Brydge Pro case. As you can see for yourself in  Harris’s hands-on video walkthrough embedded ahead, it offers such perks as backlit keys, long battery life and unmatched typing experience while costing less than Apple’s case.

If you prefer big brands, you should consider Logitech’s Slim Folio Pro case that one-ups Apple’s accessory thanks to a better typing experience and additional protections.

Finally, we have a detachable keyboard case from Chesona which integrates a 5-in-1 hub with a USB-C port for data and charging, two USB Type A ports to hook up external devices like wired mice or hard drives, 4K HDMI interface for plugging in an external display, headphone jack, adjustable keyboard backlighting, pen slot and collapsable design for easy transportability.

Pricing and availability

The Doqo case is now live on Kickstarter and will start shipping in May.