Apple TV adds new underwater screensavers

The Apple TV has a variety of aerial screensavers showcasing the beauty of both cityscapes and natural landscapes, and recently Apple started showcasing underwater scenes, too.

And now we have a new batch for the set-top box. Folks on Reddit noticed the new additions recently. There are eight links in the initial post, but it sounds like there are 11 total new additions. Part of the batch includes animals like dolphins, cownose rays, sharks, and moon jellyfish.

The new options also include a beautiful look at waves on the shores of Tahiti, coral reefs in the Red Sea, and kelp forests off the coast of California.

While a screensaver is playing, you can tap your Apple TV remote to get information where it was captured. If you want to download new screensavers, you can do so based on various settings, including daily, weekly, or monthly. You can change that by opening the Settings app, then selecting General –> Screen Saver –> Download New Video.

The new options are available now.