Find and collect all the colors around you with Litur for iPhone

Say help to Litur, a nifty color-picker app for iPhone and iPad which takes advantage of your iOS device camera to let you capture any color around you for use in your own projects.

Easy-to-use software works by analyzing individual frames to calculate the average color of the region within the viewfinder. Litur is the brainchild of indie iOS developer Bezaleel Ashefor.

He tells me via email:

As a designer or creative, we often come across colors that we want to use in our later projects but as at the time, have no way of remembering them but just trusting our brains to know what we saw. Litur saves you that headache.

All your captured colors get automatically saved for later in the app’s History section in which you can not only see every color you have collected up to that point but also share them with friends and family. Each color is defined by its corresponding RGB, HSB, CMYK and HEX value.

Using industry-standard color codes allows you to simply copy and paste any color to use in your projects in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and other apps. It’s especially nice that Litur automatically generates color palettes based on your capture sessions and lets you see different color combinations for each captured color: complimentary, analogous, monochromatic, triadic and tetradic.

You can create custom palettes from any colors you have collected over time.

Thankfully, you can create custom palettes by adding up to five colors you have collected over time, as well as give your palette a custom name. I especially like that Litur supports reaching the history section and custom palettes faster from the Home screen through the Quick Actions menu invoked by pressing or tapping and holding the app’s icon.

As a bonus, Litur embeds itself in iOS’s system-wide contextual menus and packs in a handy Today widget for quickly accessing the last two captured colors. Last but not least, Litur has no subscriptions and its creator assures us that all future updates will remain free.

For more information about Litur, visit

Litur for iPhone and iPad is $2.99 on App Store.