Apple shares new ‘slofie’ videos captured on a snowboard with iPhone 11

Just before the end of 2019, Apple published a series of videos showing off the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro‘s ability to capture slow motion selfies.

The “epic slo-mo” videos were shared to Apple’s YouTube channel over the weekend. We get to see the “slofie” in action, this time used by professional snowboarders as they go down the mountain. The first one is entitled “Backflip”, and, as you can imagine, we get to see a slow motion backflip in action.

Here’s Apple’s description of that video:

Now you can shoot your selfies in epic slo-mo on iPhone 11’s front facing camera.

And the pretty cool, albeit short, video itself:

The next video is entitled “Whiteout”, and it has the same description as the first video. But this time around we get a snowboarder that gets washed out by snow. It’s pretty cool to watch as it clings to the boarder’s face in slow motion.

Here’s the video:

The slofie is a cool feature, even if it’s not one that every iPhone 11/11 Pro owner might use all the time. Apple is definitely finding cool ways to show it off, though.