Apple promotes creating posters for ‘Dickinson’ and ‘For All Mankind’ on the iPad Pro

Apple has shared a couple of YouTube videos today detailing the creative process behind making posters for two of Apple TV+‘s originals.

The first video, entitled “How I Made a Dickinson Poster on iPad Pro”, and it details the inspiration and creative process of digital painter and illustrator Janice Sung. Sung talks about how she used the iPad Pro to create the poster, and we get a look at Sung’s overall style.

Here’s the description:

Illustrator and digital painter Janice Sung discusses the inspiration and creative process for her new poster for the Apple TV+ original, Dickinson, starring Hailee Steinfield. Learn about her style, and how she utilized the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil to bring her latest vision to life.

And the video itself:

The next video is entitled “How We Made a For All Mankind Poster on iPad Pro”. Unlike the first video, this focuses on two artists: Justin and Paige, a pair of art professionals. Apple’s description of the video is as follows:

The designer and illustrator duo Justin and Paige detail the creation of their two new posters for the Apple TV+ original, For All Mankind. Learn the creative process of two poster art professionals, and how they took an entire show and put it into a single image with the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.

And here’s the video:

Apple hosted an Art Lab earlier this month with inspiration fromĀ For All Mankind. And there is another Art Lab inspired by See set to go live later this month in Washington, D.C.

The posters these creators put together are pretty fantastic, and it’s awesome to see how the creative process helped bring them to life on Apple’s iPad Pro.