Doom and Doom II for iOS gain smooth 60fps gameplay, support for free add-ons & more

Both Doom and Doom II for iPhone and iPad today received an update that brought visual improvements like a frame rate increase, a new aspect ratio and support for free add-ons.

As Bethesda noted in changelogs published on its website, these updates are available for all platforms and boost the frame rate from the original 35fps to 60fps for silky smooth gameplay. They’ve added a new aspect ratio option that stretches the display vertically to match the original 4:3 aspect ratio that the game was intended to be played in.

Both games now include downloadable add-ons that work in multiplayer split-screen mode.

Accessible from the main menu, these add-ons offer some of the best community episodes and megawads released for the original Doom games, like the TNT: Evilution and The Plutonia Experiment map packs (60+ levels of gameplay), the original SIGIL campaign created by designer John Romero and the No Rest for the Living map pack.

Here’s how to get the add-ons:

First thing is log into Once you’ve done that, go to Add-ons. Browse through what’s available and hit the Download option. Then press the Toggle Activation button to enable it. When you go back to the main menu, you’ll notice things have changed and you’re playing the new Add-on.

“These are some of the best professionally made and community content created for these games over the last 25+ years, all available to you, for free, on all six supported platforms,” Bethesda noted.

Other improvements in Doom and Doom II include the Quick Save and Load options in the pause menu, the ability to select a level without having to clear the previous levels first, a weapon carousel, swapping between weapons with the directional pad and more.

Download Doom and Doom II for $4.99 each from the App Store.