Top 10 iPhone wallpapers of 2019

Happy New Year’s Eve! The iDownloadBlog Top 10 iPhone Wallpapers of the Week, 2019 edition is upon us!

Every Sunday of the year, we post a new collection of crispy images for your favorite iOS devices. For special occasions, there may be a mid-week wallpaper release, but you can count on Sunday as your go-to day for fresh walls. Each post contains an average of five images, times 52 weeks per year, plus about 5 special edition posts, equals approximately 285 wallpapers for 2019.

These are the Top 10 iPhone Wallpaper posts based on in-year traffic visits.

The best iPhone Wallpapers of 2019

To be considered in the Top 10 list, the post must have been made within the 2019 calendar year. The list is sorted greatest to least page views per post. Each of the individual posts contains at least five images in the given collection.

My thanks to you

The iDB Wallpapers of the Week collection is curated by me via @jim_gresham. On twitter, I take submissions from readers and post them to the gallery. They do not need to be your own creations, but I do ask you to provide credit where possible for submitting non original content. You do not need to be a graphic artist or create original work to send something my way! I also interact with fans of the collection, post mid-week downloads, and sneak peaks of upcoming articles.

Thanks to the interaction, I am able to keep the community in fresh supply of photo quality wallpapers. Most importantly, special edition wallpaper posts for Apple Media Event invitations! Without your creativity and submissions, the ongoing collection would not be a possibility. Thanks for your support!

Top merits go to this collection of full blown color wallpapers. Featuring @EvgeniyZemelko and @onglion11 this set is a complete smattering of great colors, that will certainly pop on your iPhone.

1) Full Spectrum Color Wallpapers

2) WWDC 2019 iPhone Wallpapers

Among the continued popular wallpapers posts, every single year, are special edition versions for Apple Media Events. This year, the creative logos for WWDC 2019 took top honors in our most popular walls of the year. The wallpapers are original mods by @AR72014.

3) Planet wallpapers for iPhone

Fantasy planet wallpapers became popularized after the marketing images of the iPhone XS. It was ultimately revealed that Apple utilized soap bubbles and incredibly high definition photos to make their creative advertising and stock wallpapers. @AR72014, a name with which you will become familiar, took this concept and ran with it, to much success.

4) Simple Gradient Wallpapers of iPhone

Sometimes simplicity makes the biggest difference. Although the images appear minimal, proper gradient images with low noise distortion and a pleasing color pallet are actually not very simplistic to perfect. Fan favorite, @AR72014 brings home another top collection with these minimal gradients.

iphone wallpaper gradient AR72014 mock up

5) Dark Pattern iPhone Wallpapers

Dark wallpapers have become increasingly popularized since the inclusion of the OLED panel in the iPhone X. Although this collection is not true black, the dark collection is a great visual background behind much brighter Home screen icons. The collection is an original set by @arthur1992as.

dark pattern iphone wallpaper arthur schrinemacher

6) Considering the Color Blue

The color blue is extremely popular in app designs and backgrounds. It is said to have a calming effect on the viewer. Its also a great color for wallpapers. The hero image below is an original work by @EvgeniyZemelko. The collection also features @AR72014, @wallsbyjfl, and @ongliong11.

7) Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Wallpaper

Embarrassingly, one of our Top 10 iPhone wallpapers is actually giving a nod to the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. These images were iPhone and iPad sized mods of the original images launched with the competition device. The mods are handiwork from @Samsung_News_ (Max J).

8) iPhone 11 Wallpapers in Matching Colors

When iPhone 11 launched with new colors, I couldn’t resist throwing together a post with wallpaper mods of my own. It seemed like the best way to showcase the hot new color trends, was with a matching collection of wallpaper images for the new devices. I gathered the images from different repositories and put them together for a complete iPhone 11 color collection.

9) True Black Color with Gradients

True black wallpapers are perfect companions to your OLED paneled iPhone X, iPhone XS, and iPhone 11 Pro devices. @AR72014 takes full advantage of the contrasting ability of the image. By using true #000000 black and sitting incredible colors right next to it, the contrast ratio of the screen gets a chance to shine.

10) iOS 13 Wallpapers in Various Colors

iOS 13 launched with a few stock designs that took advantage of light and dark mode options. @Hk3ToN was inspired by the design and offered many alternative color combinations in the same design patter. It is a great collection for both iPhone and iPad.