iPhone 11 wallpapers in matching colors

Last Friday, iPhone 11 devices hit shelves and landed on doorsteps across the world. The candy colored iPhone 11 provides an incredibly appealing color pallete. From spearmint green to cotton candy purple, the new devices are pretty enough to eat.

Celebrating the release of these brand new colors, grab an iPhone 11 wallpaper in a matching color. In my opinion the onboard wallpapers for iPhone 11 are actually quite drab, considering the hardware colorway. Hopefully these images will better match the new cases! 

iPhone 11 wallpapers

Candy shell coated iPhone 11 devices invoke a playfulness within the handset that iPhone 11 Pro specifically lack. While the higher powered devices stick very rigidly to Apple’s now-bland color scheme of Space Gray, Silver/White, Gold, and new Midnight Green, iPhone 11 offers an incredible array of fun colors. Personally, I picked up the iPhone 11 Pro in Midnight Green, which is new, but a far stroke away from ‘fun.’ If the iPhone 11 colors were offered on the Pro devices…watch out!

iPhone 11 wallpaper star-night-sky-summer-dark-bw-iphone-X

Download: iPhone

iPhone 11 wallpaper cloud-sky-purple-art-iphone-X

Download: iPhone

iPhone 11 wallpaper bubble-underwater-swim-red-dark-pattern-iphone-X

Download: iPhone

iPhone 11 wallpaper sun-rise-pattern-background-yellow-iphone-X

Download: iPhone

iPhone 11 wallpaper cool-pastel-blur-gradation-mint-green-iphone-X

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iPhone 11 wallpaper thunder-bolt-sky-night-dark-lightning-white-iphone-X

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images via papers.co

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