Anker debuts first MFi-certified LED flash for the iPhone 11 [Updated]

External flash accessories aren’t entirely brand new, but we’ve now got the first MFi-certified external flash for the iPhone 11.

UpdatedAnker’s MFi-certified external LED flash is available to pre-order now. You can do so from Amazon, with orders expected to ship on January 25, 2020. It’s available for $49.99.

Anker has just debuted (via The Verge) its first Made-for-iPhone (MFi) certified external LED flash accessory for the iPhone 11. It connects to the iPhone 11 via the Lightning port, and it’s an official iPhone accessory. That MFi certification means it can integrate directly with Apple’s software and hardware, so the phone’s stock camera app and the phone’s built-in flash.

According to the report, Anker says the new flash accessory will show up on its official website at some point next month. It will also be available from Amazon once the accessory does go on sale. The LED flash accessory retails for $49.99.

The company says it will last 10,000 shots per charge. As far as the flash itself is concerned, Anker says it can achieve four times the brightness and two times the range of the stock flash. It also comes with a detachable diffuser.

The accessory will work with the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro. And while it’s designed to work with Apple’s first-party apps and hardware, it should also work with third-party camera apps as well.

This may be the first accessory of its kind, being an external flash that’s MFi certified. It comes in light of a report earlier this month that pointed to this kind of support for Apple’s newest iPhone lineup.

Do you plan to pick this up once it goes on sale?