Apple adds the $2,600 8TB SSD upgrade option for the new Mac Pro

It took some time, but the 8TB SSD option for the new, modular (and expensive) Mac Pro is now available for anyone who might be interested.

The good news is that Apple made it clear that the 8TB SSD upgrade option was in the works, so for anyone who might be interested in the option hopefully held off from configuring their perfect Mac Pro. As far as pricing goes, you’re probably not too surprised to hear that upgrading to an 8TB SSD isn’t cheap! That particular upgrade option will set someone back $2,600.

For those keeping track, the previous high-end option for the SSD was 4TB, and that was priced at $1,400.

The SSD Apple installs in the Mac Pro is mated to its T2 security chip, so it’s not an upgradable component after the fact. Make sure to order your Mac Pro with as much internal storage as you need, although third-party internal storage options are available thanks to the Mac Pro’s PCI Express expansion slots.

The delay wasn’t too long, and now the wait is over for any potential Mac Pro customer who needs 8TB SSD in their modular desktop powerhouse.