Roundup: 2019 Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR support resources from Apple

Apple’s third-generation Mac Pro workstation went on sale on December 10, 2019 alongside the new Pro Display XDR external monitor. Following the launches, Apple posted a series of support articles highlighting topics like upgrades, component replacements and other features.

The following support articles are available:

Mac Pro (2019, 3rd generation)

For the main Mac Pro product page, visit

Pro Display XDR (2019 1st generation)

For the main Pro Display XDR product page, visit

More to come in the future

We’ll be making sure to update this article as soon as additional official support documents related to the 2019 Mac Pro model and the Pro Display XDR are shared by Apple.

Aside from the aforementioned documents, the official Apple Support channel on YouTube will be publishing a series of mini video tutorials, with the first two available videos guiding the user through installing additional RAM and boosting graphics with the MPX modules.

Just to be sure, any damage caused by failure to follow the directions supplied by Apple is not covered under the company’s standard 1-year warranty.

The main entry point to the Mac Pro support resources is For the Pro Display XDR and other Apple displays, visit

Should you encounter one or more support documents for the new Mac Pro that are nowhere to be found on our list, please be sure to ping us via or leave the URLs in our commenting section down below.