The Apple Store app brings passes for in-store pickups to the Wallet app

The next time you order something from Apple for in-store pickup using their official shopping app for iPhone and iPad, you’ll be able to add a corresponding pass directly to the Wallet app.

By saving a pass to the Wallet app, customers who ordered online will be expedited when they arrive at their local Apple Store to pick up what they bought. This supports Today at Apple, too, so your sessions now include a Wallet pass for checking in when you arrive.

Other new features mentioned in the update’s description for Apple Store 5.7 for iOS include richer visuals, improved personalization and more relevant information in the app’s Shop tab which has been redesigned and personalized to “you and the devices you own” with fullscreen visuals, shopping categories, featured recommendations, a cards-based layout and more.

Also, the Discover and Shop tabs have now been merged into the Shop tab.

This is the first major update following a version released in March that brought new Today at Apple sessions to the software, easier iPhone trade-in assessments and other improvements.

Aside from your payment cards, the Wallet app also lets you keep your boarding passes, movie tickets, coupons and more in one place.

There are several ways you can add a pass to Wallet so it’s nice knowing that the Wallet-enabled Apple Store app now includes Wallet passes for in-store pickups.

Apple Store for iPhone and iPad is a free download from App Store.