Focusplan mind mapping and brainstorm app released for Mac

FocusplanAndrea Gelati, the developer behind the budget-priced personal database software Records, is back with a new Mac app called Focusplan. Focusplan is a creative tool for folks who can use a hand on the Mac with mind mapping and brainstorming exercises. It’s available for free download from the Mac App Store, though unlocking it past the trial period requires a subscription fee.

Focusplan is one of a burgeoning number of mindmapping tools available for the Mac. A mind map is a visual way to represent the ideas and concepts you might have. It gives you a way to structure your thoughts and information organically, without first being forced into a rigide hierarchy, order, or structure. It’s a helpful visualization technique used the world over.

The app features configurable style and formatting options with borders, branches, fonts and inspectors accessible through an inspector panel. You can add more than 200 stickers to your mind maps to give you clear visual indicators of topics of interest. Other features include multiple theme support, easy note formatting, and the ability to import and export to other formats.

Focusplan also integrates with the latest Mac features available in macOS Catalina, including simplified image importing from your iOS device using Continuity Camera, Dark Mode support, iCloud sync, and support for Sidecar, if you’re using your iPad in conjunction with your Mac.

After a trial, Focusplan costs $1.99 per month or $19.99 per year. More info is available from the Mac App Store at the link above, or the developer’s web site.

Are you a mindmapping enthusiast? Have you tried Focusplan? Let us know what you think in the comments.