TIDAL student discount now includes high school students

Student discounts are par for the course with music streaming services, but TIDAL can now say it offers something a bit different compared to the others out there.

Announced on Wednesday, TIDAL has expanded its student discount to now include high school students. It’s the same student discount as the standard option, so it drops the regular streaming plan to just $4.99 per month (compared to $9.99 per month), and also offers the HiFi option with improved audio to just $9.99 per month (compared to $19.99 per month).

The only catch? The high school student needs to be 16 years old or older. The offer is also only available to high school students in the United States.

TIDAL is using SheerID to verify the student, which is part of the process when signing up for a new account on TIDAL’s website. While creating that new account, the student will need to select the “High School Student” option. Date of birth, school enrollment, and the student’s name will all be verified before access to the cheaper account is granted.

For current subscribers who fit the requirements, they will be able to simply upgrade their plan by going through the verification process. And what’s more, TIDAL is offering a 30-day free trial for any new subscribers, so that $4.99 or $9.99 charge won’t kick in until after your first month’s worth of service.

To redeem the offer, students can click here.

This is a nice option for high school students. TIDAL is not anywhere near the subscriber count of Spotify or Apple Music, but it has its fan base. And if it costs only $4.99 per month, that’s a pretty good bargain!

Do you think Spotify or Apple Music will follow suit?