The beginning of winter wallpapers for iPhone

winter wallpaper iPhone 11 Pro Max splash compress

We have the good fortune of kicking off December 1 on a Sunday! That means, brand new photo quality images for our Wallpapers of the Week collection! Although it is just the start of the colder season. Consequently, these wallpapers are more fall to winter transitional wallpapers. Our winter wallpapers for iPhone are just getting started.

iPhone Winter wallpapers

This collection of winter wallpapers for iPhone were sourced from The online repository and user gallery has thousands of high resolution photographs, which are free to use and modify. All the community asks: give credit where due. These downloads are tagged with their original photographer. If you want the full resolution image or to see more of their work, simply click the user name by the download link.

mike-kotsch iPhone winter wallpaper

Download @mike: iPhone

gabriel-alenius iPhone winter wallpaper

Download @gabrielalenius: iPhone

dominik-dombrowski iPhone winter wallpaper

Download @k1n1m0de: iPhone

aaron-burden iPhone winter wallpaper

Download @aaronburden: iPhone

bryan-minear iPhone winter wallpaper

Download @bryanminear: iPhone

jorge-garhe iPhone winter wallpaper

Download @jorgegarhe: iPhone

Our iDB Wallpapers of the Week are posted every, single Sunday. Our photo quality wallpaper gallery is sourced by me via @jim_gresham. If you are not, go ahead and follow along for mid-week downloads, previews of upcoming posts, and general Apple related banter. Should you have a wallpaper, tip, or location of photo quality images, make sure to connect!

Below are collections from previous winter themed posts. A majority of them are geared for iPhone, but a couple also include desktop and iPad sized imagery for your other devices.

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