Disney+ reinstates the missing Continue Watching section

A Continue Watching section has been re-added to the official apps for the new Disney+ video-streaming service after being pulled initially over several technical problems.

As Cord Cutter News explained Tuesday, the Continue Watching section along with several other features got removed in order to resolve the login issues that the $7 per month service was experiencing when over ten million people attempted to sign up in just over 24 hours.

As the title suggest, the Continue Watching section is automatically populated with your unfinished TV shows and movies, making it easier to find content you’ve been watching,

As one of the ten million customers who signed up for Disney+ in the first 24 hours of availability, I instantly found the removal of this handy feature odd.

Without it, I had to do a search or sift through different categories every time I wanted to continue watching a movie where I left off or enjoy the next episode of “Mandalorian”.

Disney+ recently gained other missing features such as Resume, Restart and Add to Watchlist.

You can download the Disney+ app for iPhone and iPad via App Store.

On your Mac, the service is available via the Disney+ web app in a browser.