Apple’s new holiday ad ‘The Surprise’ shows off family and the iPad

Like so many others, and other companies for that matter, Apple is gearing up for the holidays. So of course need a new Apple holiday-themed ad to help us along.

Production values in Apple ads are typically nothing to scoff at. And while this one might not be as bombastic as others, it’s certainly heartfelt enough. We get to see a busy family stuffing themselves into a packed car, with the kids getting whisked away to their grandparents’ house. “The Surprise” comes in the form of an iPad bringing the family together as they remember a lost loved one.

Sometimes, the best gifts can come from the most unexpected places.

The ad features the song “Married Life” by Michael Giacchino from the motion picture soundtrack for Pixar’s Up. It’s a fitting song choice, to say the least.

Here’s the ad:

It’s another solid ad from Apple, and it shows how a piece of technology can bring us all together in the right moment.