Spotify’s new ‘Soundtrack your Ride’ helps you build the perfect road trip playlist

Part of the fun of a road trip is finding the best music to listen to on the way to your destination, or destinations. And now Spotify has a dedicated playlist to help with that.

Spotify has just launched “Soundtrack your Ride“, letting you create and customize a perfect playlist for a planned (or unplanned ) road trip. The new playlist will be developed based in part to your listening history (of course), but it will also be built based on a few questions you answer.

First, though, you need to plot your trip. You will tell the service where your start and endpoint is, after which it will use Google Maps to determine the length of time you’ll be on the road, as well as the trip’s route. After that, you’ll get a pop quiz of five questions.

The service will ask what type of car you drive, who you are driving with, what your “drive vibe is”, what your favorite genre of music is while you’re driving, and then you’ll need to select your ultimate driving song from a selection of six options, which include “Life is a Highway” from Rascal Flatts, Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”, the Jonas Brothers’ “Sucker”, and others.

Once you finish that process, the playlist will automatically add enough songs to cover the length of your trip, which is then saved to your library.

The strangest part of this? Soundtrack your Ride is a web-based effort. It’s technically available on a mobile device if you open up your preferred browser, but it’s definitely not mobile optimized. There is no way to access Soundtrack your Ride from the desktop app or the mobile app. Which seems like a weird decision for a road trip playlist.

Still, the idea is pretty cool.

This is not the first time that Spotify has put a focus on listening to music in the car. Earlier this year it launched another daily playlist called “Your Daily Drive“, but that one’s decidedly not meant for a lengthy road trip, but rather designed for a much shorter drive. Or when you get stuck in traffic.