Twelve South’s new AirFly Pro is the missing link between wireless earbuds & wired audio jacks

Accessory maker Twelve South today launched AirFly Pro, a new version of their existing AirFly adapter for connecting your AirPods to in-flight entertainment systems and treadmills.

Just in time for Apple’s new noise-cancelling AirPods Pro and Beats Solo Pro headphones, the new AirFly Pro makes it a cinch to connect your wireless headphones to wired-audio jacks. This lets you use your AirPods Pro, Beats Solo Pro or any other Bluetooth wireless headphones with in-flight entertainment, your gym cardio machine’s TV and so forth.

The new AirFly Pro also builds upon the classic AirFly with a longer 16-hour battery life that allows you to stay tuned-in for longer international flights. Plus, this tiny dongle is now able to connect two sets of headphones, regardless of their brand, for easy sharing of music, movies, podcasts and more with your travel companion.

The accessory is compatible with most Bluetooth headphones.

They’ve added another helpful feature:

Also new, with the flip of a switch AirFly Pro becomes an AUX IN adapter, allowing you to listen to iPhone in an older car or make an older non-Bluetooth speaker – wireless! This feature is especially helpful to travelers who don’t want to sync their entire phone to their rental car but still want to play their personal playlists and hear navigation while driving.

Simply plug this tiny transmitter into a wired headphone jack to listen to in-flight movies or the TVs at the gym. Or, connect two sets of wireless headphones to your AirFly Pro to let you and a friend listen to the same audio. Put simply, the new AirFly Pro adapter is the missing link between wireless headphones and wired headphone jacks.

Summing up, here’s everything new with AirFly Pro:

  • Use wireless headphones/earbuds with wired-audio jacks on a plane or in the gym.
  • Share audio between two people using your favorite wireless headphones or earbuds.
  • Send audio from iPhone to AUX IN port in a car, boat or non-wireless speaker.

You can get your AirFly Pro for $55 exclusively from the Twelve South webstore and Apple Online Store (it’s the first Bluetooth adapter exclusive to Apple Stores globally) until December 12, and then it will be available on and other retailers.