Checkra1n public beta v0.9.2 incorporates bug fixes and ‘no substrate mode’

The checkra1n team silently updated the public beta of the brand-new checkra1n jailbreak tool to v0.9.2 Monday evening with a short list of improvements.

The latest update incorporates bug fixes and adds official support for ‘no substrate mode’ for troubleshooting jailbreak extensions in the event of crashes or respring loops. The full change log for checkra1n v0.9.2 is as follows:

What’s new

– Fixed an issue where the Apple Watch would not receive notifications while jailbroken

– Improve reliability of entering DFU mode

– Fixed an issue where checkra1n could not be used on macOS 10.10

This beta adds an option to boot into no-substrate mode. To utilize this functionality, hold the volume-up button when the apple logo appears until the device finishes booting. From there you’ll be able to uninstall any tweaks causing you issues, and reboot to get back to a normal jailbroken state.

As it would seem, there was previous an issue in which jailbreakers would stop receiving notifications on their Apple Watch, but this new update resolves this. The update also improves the jailbreaking process itself by fixing an issue where the app couldn’t be used on macOS 10.10 and making the process of entering DFU mode more reliable.

As for entering no substrate mode, this essentially lets you boot your device into a jailbroken state without loading Cydia Substrate. In short, this also means that your jailbreak tweaks and extensions won’t load, which gives you an opportunity to launch Cydia and remove a conflicting tweak in the event of a respring loop. Entering no substrate mode is as easy as pressing and holding the volume up button throughout the duration of device bootup.

If you’re already using the checkra1n public beta, then we would advise downloading and deploying the latest version to ensure you’re taking advantage of the latest bug fixes and improvements. The latest version of the tool is available to download from the checkra1n team’s official website. Everyone else should consider holding off until the official public release candidate, as betas can be chock-full of undiscovered bugs.

We’ve published a step-by-step tutorial going over how to jailbreak with the checkra1n public beta for anyone interested in proceeding despite our warnings.

Has the latest checkra1n update resolved any of the problems you were experiencing? Let us know in the comments.