Say hello to FocusBuds, productivity boosting earbuds powered by EEG neurofeedback

The Potential-x team has created a pair of productivity-boosting earbuds, called FocusBuds, that take advantage of EEG neurofeedback to help users get into the flow state.

Born out of a Indiegogo project (it was funded in just one hour), these earphones take advantage of patent-pending artificial intelligence technology that can track, train and help your brain block out distractions to get into deep focus and enter the “Flow State” at will.

The embedded EEG biosensors track your brain activity, in real time.

About 400 calculated metric are passed to their artificial intelligence software that gives the user a subtle audio cue to alert them whenever their brain enters distracted state.

According to the Potential-x team, this type of conditioning helps train the brain to concentrate, eliminate procrastination and get into deep focus. Overtime, your brain gets trained to naturally focus faster and longer — this is called operant conditioning.

Wait, what precisely is “Flow State”?

‘Flow State’ is a state where your brain is so hyper focused and immersed on a single task that hours go by without you noticing. FocusBuds trains you to slip into flow state faster and helps you stay there longer — giving you unparalleled productivity.

Invented in the late 1950, EEG neurofeedback has previously been off limits to mere mortals, but is now available to the general public with the $249 FocusBuds earbuds. Numerous medical studies have confirmed that this technology enhances cognitive performance.

Hey, is that a wire? You bet! These are not your truly wireless earbuds.

Aside from the EEG biosensors, these are your everyday Bluetooth earphones with passive noise isolation and other common features. By the way, FocusBuds aren’t truly wireless as they have a wire connecting the two earbuds, not unlike Apple’s Powerbeats sporty earphones.

You also get a mobile app and a desktop dashboard to review your metrics.

You can find more about FocusBuds at the product’s Indiegogo page.