Motorola’s foldable RAZR phone teased in leaked image

Remember the Motorola RAZR? That super thin flip phone from years ago that was all the rage? Well, Motorola wants to bring it back, but as a foldable phone.

The company has been teasing the upcoming device for months now, including showing off its new hinge system to handle opening and closing. Unlike the first RAZR phones, this device will have one foldable display for the top and bottom, rather than a hardware keyboard on the bottom and just one display on the top.

And now, thanks to serial leaker Evan Blass (@evleaks) we have a first look at the future foldable RAZR phone. Unfortunately we don’t get a look at the phone open to show off the foldable screen, but we do get to see the phone halfway closed at least. And it definitely looks like Motorola is bringing back that familiar RAZR design, at least on the outside.

When do we get to see this in an official capacity? November 15 is the date Motorola circled on the calendar to show off this new device. We don’t know much else about the future handset, but a report from The Wall Street Journal some time ago pegged the price at $1,500. That’s at least less expensive then the Samsung Galaxy Fold, right? Not by much, though.

And speaking of foldable phones, Samsung just unveiled a concept for a similar design recently. It will be interesting to see if this particular flip phone idea takes off for foldable phones, rather than the devices that can barely fit in a pocket.

Are you interested in foldable phones at all?