How to automatically delete shows or clear your history in the TV app

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You might just be getting used to the TV app on your Mac since it was introduced with macOS Catalina. So if you’re looking for a way to remove shows and movies you’ve already watched, you can easily delete them one at a time from your Library. But if you would to automatically delete shows after you watch them instead, you can do this as well in the TV app on Mac.

Alternatively, you can simply clear the history of everything you’ve watched, and this is available on both Mac and iOS.

This tutorial shows you how to automatically delete shows on Mac and clear your history on your computer or iOS device.

Automatically delete watched shows

Open the TV app on your Mac and then follow these steps to enable automatic deletion.

1) Click TV > Preferences form the menu bar.

2) Select the Files tab.

3) Check the box for Automatically delete watched movies and TV shows.

4) Click OK.

Automatically Delete Shows TV Mac

You can then close the Preferences window.

Clear your play history

Maybe you don’t want to remove the shows and movies you watch altogether. You do have an option to clear your play history if you prefer.

For any device where you use the same Apple ID for the TV app, your play history will be removed, and this includes shows in your Up Next queue.

On Mac, go back to the TV app Preferences above and click then do the following.

1) Select the Advanced tab.

2) Click the Clear Play History button.

Clear History TV Mac

3) Confirm this action by clicking Clear Play History in the pop-up window.

Confirm Clear History TV Mac

4) Click OK.

There currently is no setting to automatically delete shows you’ve watched on iOS, but there is an option to clear your play history there.

On iPhone or iPad, open the TV app and follow these steps.

1) Tap your photo on the top right of the TV app.

2) On the Account screen, tap Clear Play History.

3) Confirm this action by tapping Clear Play History in the pop-up at the bottom.

Clear History TV iPhone

Wrapping it up

Whether you want to completely remove the shows and movies you watch or simply clear out the history of what you’ve played, you do have option in the TV app.

Have you been using the TV app on your Mac since upgrading to macOS Catalina? Let us know what you think it!